Noumis Quality Guarantee

The Cultured Pearl Association of America estimates that of all the cultured pearls harvested worldwide, only 5% are of the high quality required for fine jewelry.

Understanding pearl grading is crucial in order to purchase the highest quality pearls at the best possible value. While other gems such as diamonds have standardized grading systems that allow uniformity in the consumer market, the pearl industry has not adopted a universal grading system. Noumis is comitted to ensure that each pearl meets our high quality standards.

We are committed to offering very high grade freshwater pearls, representing the top 1-2% of pearl harvest: near round to round shape, thick nacre, high luster and a surface with very minor to no blemishes with at least 95% of the pearl surface clean.

Pearl quality is dependent on its source, how it was formed and other quality factors.The majority of freshwater pearls on the market are typically harvested in the lakes and rivers of China. Water pollution, disease or inappropriate water temperatures diminishes the quality of the pearls. Furthermore, Chinese pearl farmers typically breed their own oyster stock on their farms from year to year.

The best quality pearls are found in the Philippines and this is where Noumis source all our pearls. Phipippine pearl farms continue the practice of harvesting a strictly limited amount of wild each year to fertilize their existing stocks; this maintains genetic diversity within their farms, helping the farmed oysters remain strong and healthy and able to resist many of the common diseases that can plague over-crowded pearl farms.

Freshwater pearl sizes typically range from 5mm to 10mm, though they are available in larger sizes up to 13mm. Freshwater pearls below 7mm are considered small in size. 7mm through 9mm are generally the more popular sizes selected for necklaces, while pearls above 10mm are considered to be more rare and valuable, especially in the higher qualities – since typically the larger the freshwater pearl, the more difficult it is to find a round, lustrous pearl in that size. Natural colours for freshwater pearls are silver (white), rose (pink), peach (champagne) and various hues of green and blue (black).  Pearls are typically assigned to four categories in the sorting process: round, drop (including symmetrical oval and pearshape), baroque (irregular), and circle baroque (with distinctive rings or indents around the pearl). Among all shapes, round pearls are the most valuable and typically most desirable. Semi-round pearls are nearly round, and typically appear round when strung as a necklace. Baroque and circle baroque pearls are are irregular in shape and sometimes elongated. They are often used in designer jewelry due to their unique “character” and are typically the most affordable of all four pearl-shape categories.

Noumis certifies that our products represents the finest in pearl selection, hand picked for quality luster, surface, shape and nacre, as attested by our Certificate of Authenticity. We strive to make pearls and affordable luxury and for you to enjoy the products for many years to come, even become an heirloom.